Apron Challenge, Week 6: Cross-Back Smock–My Own Design!

I love smock aprons but find them fussy to put on.  When I grab an apron as I’m about to start preparing a meal, I’m usually in a hurry.  My beloved smock and cobbler aprons  all seem to have buttons, snaps, or ties in hard-to-reach places behind my upper back.  I also love cross-back aprons, but getting them on and fastened seems to require acrobatics.  I’ve looked for a long time for a pattern for a cross-back smock apron that slips over the head with nothing to fasten.  I’ve seen many such patterns for toddlers’ smocks, but none

so far for adults.  So, I decided to design my own. I combined features from several commercial patterns, including the smock apron I made last week, to come up with something new.  I was surprised how well it turned out!  It slips over the head easily, crosses gracefully in back, and has a slightly shaped front.  (Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit Betsy very well, but I didn’t have a live model handy.)  I made it from a second-hand tablecloth with a floral pattern.  I’ve started collecting old booklets with designs for embroidering on gingham, and picked a pattern from one of them for the gingham pocket–I like the way it echoes the print.


9 responses to “Apron Challenge, Week 6: Cross-Back Smock–My Own Design!

  1. Wow… it is FABULOUS..!! I love the cross back style also and I agree, it takes some figuring out and acrobatics to put them on. They’re so wonderful, though, that once they’re on, it feels like the effort was worth it. But this one you designed that slips over the head is a dream come true. I see you made your own seam binding again. Fantastic. The pocket is adorable with the beautiful floral tablecloth pattern. Amazing job (as always…) xxoo jane

  2. I have been looking for something like this apron for my teachers to wear in our preschool, do take orders? I may be interested in 5 aprons made in muslin, with pouch pockets to place those needful things you use often with children present!

  3. Will you share your pattern? This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  4. Patricia Wilson

    Can’t wait to get the pattern. I’ve been looking for this type of apron for my mom. Nice job!

  5. Anita Goodman

    Can I add my wish for a pattern and/or tutorial when or if you decide to offer one. I have looked for many years for a pattern like this. I’m 65 years old and my grandmother had several simple aprons very similar to yours that she wore all the time to protect the few dresses she had. The aprons were worn so much they were threadbare.

  6. Do you have a pattern for the apron challenge week 6. Cross back apron?

  7. Do you have a pattern for this apron? I wear a 1x. Im especially looking for a pattern to make Christmas aprons as my friends & I make lots of Christmas cookies.

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